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Party games for party people! Forfeit brings the fun to the occasion with competitive, engaging games that can be played by groups large and small. With a focus on fast paced luck or skill situations they work great as ice breakers, drinking games and party pieces. 

Challenge your friends and be prepared to take the Forfeit!

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The original Forfeit game of skill. Throw the game box over your drink attempting to land a scoring shot. Take turns building the score until someone fails. That player takes the forfeit, the score resets and play continues. A competitive and fun skill based game for groups large and small!

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Drunk Dice is a luck based game that requires a roller and a guesser. The guesser attempts to predict to outcome of 3 different dice. Guess right the roller drinks, guess wrong and they drink. This fast paced game of chance is the perfect ice breaker or party game to liven things up!

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Meme Edition is an easy to play card game where players attempt to match pairs of memes and avoid being left with the forfeit card. A forfeit is decided before the game begins for the loser to drink. A quick enjoyable game for groups Forfeit Meme Edition is the perfect pocket game to bring to the party. 

Party & Play

Forfeit games were designed to be fast paced, easy to play and fun for groups large and small. 


Already with three different games this brand is rapidly developing into one of the top party game brands available. Why not give them a try? Grab some friends, some drinks and get ready to play!

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