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Noontime Games

Time to play.

Many of us are fortunate to be able to look back at our childhood with a fondness of games. Time spent with loved ones and friends rolling dice, role-playing, competing and enjoying quality experiences with others around the table. Our games aim to bring that magic back for everyone.

Founded during a time of great uncertainty, the lockdown of 2020 brought its own unique opportunity. Time to imagine, create, design and test exciting new games purely for the fun of it. As three friends we sat for hundreds of hours over video calls brainstorming and testing ideas, slowly building a library of high quality, enjoyable games for a variety of ages and interests. With a plan and a mission we created a business to support the development, production, distribution and marketing of those games. The journey has just begun...

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With the successful debut release of Rising Star Football, Noontime Games has decided to roll the dice and bring out new games ready for summer 2022. With a focus on affordable, fun and easy to play games fans of Noontime Games products will be excited to see whats to come!


Initially working with Amazon, Noontime is now in the process of becoming a partner to more retailers around the UK helping expand their market and offering. 

Developing award winning games that people want to play again and again is a difficult task but one Noontime is well on the way to mastering.

What We Are About


Nobody wants to play boring games! We want to bring FUN to your world with exciting, challenging and competitive games. 


We love coming up with new ideas and testing them ourselves to see how great the games really are. Always trying to think of something different.


Working together from development to manufacturing to retail, we love working with others every step of the way. Bringing different skills and disciplines together to create a business that brings joy to millions around the world is a pretty amazing opportunity!

Meet the Founders

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Charlie Wright


Game Creation


James Bergman


Game Creation


Michael Hurst


Game Design


Come and play!

Whether you're looking to stock our products, write a news story, enquire about our services or have a cool idea for a new game we would love to hear from you! 

We’d Love to Work With You

Get in touch using the link below and complete the enquiry form to send us a message.

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